About us

Play, creativity and the development of imagination are the basis of the learning process.

Our tutors have practical experience in areas such as physical engineering, constructions, coding and mathematics.

Relaxing and learning

We create an enabling environment for learning for all the kids.

We started from the idea that young people can learn better in a relaxing environment that is familiar to their imagination. Play is compulsory in the learning process, as it stimulates imagination, creativity, and helps settle concepts based on experience. We did not discover this ourselves... we just believe it and wish to validate it.

We also provide courses in robotics, IT and mathematics, and for gifted kids, training for Olympiads and national and international competitions.

This is why we provide space for whoever wants to relax, learn in a fun way or just play.

Our courses

Ne aliniem la standarde internaționale prin metode de lucru practice.

The course takers always include youngsters who would wish for more, wish to achieve high performance. To them, we make available all our resources in the IQ Academy Club, supported by the Frâncu Foundation, and by the Nerdvana robotics team.

Here, the kids have a chance to go beyond what they do at school and other trainings, by studying carefully structured subjects taught at a higher level. The final goal is to train them for participation in Olympiads and other national or international competitions.

Our team

The teachers who facilitate the courses.