We target children aged 7 to 19.

IT Courses

We train kids taking their first steps in coding and those who wish to participate in contests and Olympiads. The learning approach is practice-based: we start from theory, which can be written or read online on website, then start solving the problems directly on computer.

The groups are small and teaching takes place in the form of tutoring.

We work with: flow charts, blockly, C, C++, etc.

Robotics Courses

Starting from basic principles of building and coding we continue to the development of competition robots. The final goal of the courses is participation in national and international competitions (World Robot Olympiad).

The courses are individual only at the incipient stage, so that everybody acquires the minimum knowledge. We then start teamwork and increase the difficulty of the objectives to be met.

We work with Lego kits and code using WeDo, Ev-3G, Small Basic.

Mathematics Courses

We have an easy going approach for making the students understand. We address to young children from 3rd to 8th form, who want to improve their mathematical skills. We concentrate on better understanding of the mathematical concepts and surpass the difficulties met.

The groups are small and teaching takes place in the form of tutoring.

IQ Academy Club

We host the courses of Fundației Frâncu, for kids who wish to train for the Olympiads, or other national contests. Meetings are on a weekly basis, in groups of 10 up to 20 kids.

Currently, professors Cristian Frâncu and Mihai Tuțu teach 5th form and 7th form courses, respectively.