Robotics Courses

Available by age category,
for ages of 7 - 18 year olds.

At a time of maximum effervescence in technology, robotics is becoming more and more popular with kids. Starting from simple building principles and progressing to complex programmes, the subject may be easily approached by whoever understands mathematics at elementary level.

We form tutoring groups of maximum 8 people, who will work on their own mechanism or robot, and who progress together. Each group has a well-established object of study and we focus on the acquisition of individual knowledge.

When a student reaches a certain level, if they want to progress to competition level, we invite them to join the Nerdvana robotics team. We train teams to participate in Lego robotics competitions, both nationally and internationally.

The Nerdvana teams had notable successes, taking part in international competitions in China, Denmark and the Philippines! Find more about the performance of the Nerdvana robotics team here..


We start with WeDo

We learn the basic Lego elements and how to code them.

We continue with EV3 kits

We progress to Lego Technic pieces with sensors and motors with advanced functions.

We practice

We learn to code line follower or handle objects.

We participate in competitions

The best join the robotics team and train for performance in national and international competitions.